Ageism in Hollywood

As I learn more and more about the trek to LA, one thing that I keep reading over and over is this: if you are over the age of 25, you will have a progressively hard time trying to break through the barriers.

Say what!?

I wasn’t given the innate ability to act when I was a fetus.   As a kid, I loved to perform, but I also enjoyed soccer, cheerleading, and swim team.  I had so many things going on – I loved it!  I didn’t decide that this was the life that I wanted to pursue until I got to college (where I studied acting.)  And even then, I wasn’t ready immediately afterwards.

But I’m ready now.   Why should I be penalized because I’m not 18?   Not to mention the whole, “keep yourself insanely skinny” part and it’s enough to cause a migraine.

I’m in this fight for the long run but I’m sure as hell not going to let any CD, Agent or Producer tell me that I can’t do something! Especially because I’m not the age they want me to be! And for the record, my age is incognito as well – screw the biz that is ageist! I’m going to do everything that I can to get myself ahead regardless – and defy the odds in the process!


Confession Numero Uno

Okay, actors, time to fess up: how often do you find yourself feeling envious or jealous of another actor’s success?

Oh, come on now, be honest.  WE ALL DO IT.  We’re only human, after all.  Granted, how often we feel these feelings is another story but the feeling is the same: every now and then it’s easy to get flustered by someone else’s progress.  We’re in the business where we are the brand being marketed.  When you are constantly competing against other actors all of the time, it’s quite easy to start comparing.

Lately, I have been having these feelings.   Not that I’m not happy with the direction my life is headed, (it’s quite the contrary, actually), however, I’m set back by seeing many mediocre talent get ahead with ease when I really have to work hard to perfect my craft!  Now, I don’t want to be as bold as to say they are talentless hacks…but they are:  talentless hacks getting ahead (okay, locally) in places where I always struggled (i.e. getting a theatre company CD to call me back, etc.)

Yes.  It’s a blow to the ego.

Now, believe me when I say I’ll give credit where credit is due; I say it often, actually.  But when something bewilders me to the point of almost questioning why I’m pursuing this career, really begs me to wonder what the hell is going on?

I know, I know, I know that I will be up against actors of all sorts of levels when I hit LA.  I know this.  I think I’m prepared for it (or at least prepared to drink heavily when I’m at a loss for words.)  But I don’t live there yet.  Things are not supposed to be confusing before I get there! Instead, I’m finding myself confused as to why someone who has a hard time being cast in several local companies, suddenly is called back for LEADS at a major professional regional theatre. Especially one that very rarely hires local actors.  It’s beyond my understanding.

Unless she’s just lying.  Which could be.  It’s so easy (especially online) to claim anything. Oh lovely.  That is just a fine morsel to swallow.  Perhaps I just don’t understand the whole “I have to lie in order to make others like me,” argument.  Perhaps I’m just not meant to understand anything and instead learn that jealousy will not get me further in my career.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

I’m only human.  I’m allowed a few gripes, right?

Has anyone felt those tings jealousy? How have you dealt with it in order to stay focused on your own goals/successes? I’d love to hear feedback!

Well, this should be fun…

So, after chatting with a friend recently, I had the idea for this blog.  Well, actually, I had the idea a year ago and I didn’t do much with it.  So here I am, once again, trying to pump life into this url.

Honestly, it sounds geeky, but I am pretty darn excited to have joined the blogosphere! Through friends, I’ve learned of other blogs that have inspired me (and as I update this site, I’ll include their links here) and hope to follow in their greatness.

Also, to make things completely “official,” I’ve started a Twitter.  I’ve held out for so long but feel like this is the perfect accompaniment to my blog.  I’ll be able to “pimp” out my blog and connect with other actors like me! And hey, how would it be “social networking” without the “networking?” Right?

I have have a been of a learning curve here, but I promise to make this blog an interesting read over time.

Thanks for hanging in there! Welcome!

Meet Callie Dreamer…

I’m Callie.

What am I doing here? Well, in order to help guide me along this fantastic and challenging road we call “life,”  I figured a blog would be the most creative and expressive way to comment on life’s little foibles…

Wait, did I say “life?” How broad is that? That’s no fun! Okay, now take “life” and add in “the entertainment industry” and this blog is sure to toss things up in a gloriously fantastic fashion!

Yep.  You guessed it: I’m an actress (okay, “actor” for all of you “non-gender specific” lovers out there) and now that  I’ve graduated college, I’m setting my sights on moving to the City of Angels: Los Angeles! I figure there will be stories a plenty! I mean, hello!?, an actor’s life is never dull aaaaand since I’m somewhat “incognito” here, I can actually comment on things I see and hear at auditions, on set, and the fabulous morsels of information I learn in class (Tip #1: acting class – you should ALWAYS be in class if you are not working!)

So join me as I throw on some shades and set upon this fabulous road ahead of me.  My writing may not win awards, but the stories should prove to be worth the while! Let’s do it!