Meet Callie

Callie Dreamer

Callie Dreamer

Meet Callie.

A 20-something actress with a day job who is trying to figure out life,  work, goals,  love – pretty much anything and everything under the sun.  Wearing her heart on her sleeve, she yearns for the best life has to offer, even if she hasn’t found it yet.   She’s tired of talking the game, she wants to walk it too – in other words, instead of just saying she is going to do it, she is setting out to prove it!

Will she get there? Will friends support her or merely provide stumbling blocks along the way? Will the weak economy prevent her from truly going after the dream? Will she drive herself crazy in the process?

She’s real and she’s on a mission.  She’ll go from Callie Dreamer to Callie Makes it Happen!   Stay tuned to find out!


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