Meet Callie Dreamer…

I’m Callie.

What am I doing here? Well, in order to help guide me along this fantastic and challenging road we call “life,”  I figured a blog would be the most creative and expressive way to comment on life’s little foibles…

Wait, did I say “life?” How broad is that? That’s no fun! Okay, now take “life” and add in “the entertainment industry” and this blog is sure to toss things up in a gloriously fantastic fashion!

Yep.  You guessed it: I’m an actress (okay, “actor” for all of you “non-gender specific” lovers out there) and now that  I’ve graduated college, I’m setting my sights on moving to the City of Angels: Los Angeles! I figure there will be stories a plenty! I mean, hello!?, an actor’s life is never dull aaaaand since I’m somewhat “incognito” here, I can actually comment on things I see and hear at auditions, on set, and the fabulous morsels of information I learn in class (Tip #1: acting class – you should ALWAYS be in class if you are not working!)

So join me as I throw on some shades and set upon this fabulous road ahead of me.  My writing may not win awards, but the stories should prove to be worth the while! Let’s do it!