Well, this should be fun…

So, after chatting with a friend recently, I had the idea for this blog.  Well, actually, I had the idea a year ago and I didn’t do much with it.  So here I am, once again, trying to pump life into this url.

Honestly, it sounds geeky, but I am pretty darn excited to have joined the blogosphere! Through friends, I’ve learned of other blogs that have inspired me (and as I update this site, I’ll include their links here) and hope to follow in their greatness.

Also, to make things completely “official,” I’ve started a Twitter.  I’ve held out for so long but feel like this is the perfect accompaniment to my blog.  I’ll be able to “pimp” out my blog and connect with other actors like me! And hey, how would it be “social networking” without the “networking?” Right?

I have have a been of a learning curve here, but I promise to make this blog an interesting read over time.

Thanks for hanging in there! Welcome!


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